AGROTERMEKO - official regional representative of DVO (GHD Inc.), leading U.S. company for the production of anaerobic digesters for treatment of organic waste and biogas production.

The first digester in Serbia

The first anaerobic digester for treatment of organic waste and biogas production, was built in Serbia, according to DVO (GHD Inc.) company technology. Digester was put in operation in March 2012 on a dairy farm Mlekara” Lazar” in Blace.
Substrates used as input material for treatment in the digester and biogas production are manure from dairy farms, whey is as a byproduct of milk and biomass processing.
The produced biogas from the digester is further used to produce electricity in the generator set capacity of 1 MW el. The produced electricity is sold at stimulated prices (feed-in tariff).