Biogas / Ecology

USAID Serbia – Agribusiness Project feasibility study for the implementation of the DVO anaerobic digestor systems at farms and slaughterhouses in Serbia
Dairy Lazar placement anaerobic digestor DVO technology systems and project management. Biogas produced in anaerobic digestor system is burned in a gas engine / generator set capacity of 1 MW of electricity.

Agronomy / Agriculture

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management – Republic of Serbia Consulting in implementing DREPR – project funded by the GEF / World Bank. Organic waste management / manure on farms cattle and pigs in Serbia
USAID – Agribusiness Project Consultancy Services in the preparation of estimates the amount of slaughterhouse waste, the possibility of collecting and managing waste in slaughterhouses in Serbia


Utva Pancevo Development project – technical documentation, repair of hot water boiler capacity of 20 MW
Loznica Energy Development project – technical documentation, reconstruction and repair of steam boiler plant with capacity 2×12 t/h
RNB Development project – technical documentation, repair of steam boiler capacity of 16 t/h